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OMG, i never write reviews cos i never have the time to do so But i had to find time to write this one.... I have fallen in LOVE all over again!!! Received my Zoe Double Stroller yesterday (Ordered it directly from their website on Thursday and I got it on Saturday) let me just say this is the BEST stroller i have ever experienced ( Considering i have bought about 4 strollers and i always try out my friend's strollers) The stroller surpasses my expectation ๐Ÿ™‚ its super light weight and extremely sturdy Love the way it easily folds and so stylish My 3year and 15mth old sons love it already, pushed them around the house and they didn't want to get off lol My husband is 6"3ft tall and he didn't have to slouch to push I can go on and on, overall I'm more than ecstatic about my purchase and i can tell you guys at ZOE strollers that this stroller will be the Best Selling stroller in no time, Congratulations in advance, FANTASTIC Stroller!!!
Fela J / Verified Purchase!
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I just received my Zoe stroller and I am hoping it holds up to my expectations. I am in need of a very lightweight, portable, easily collapsible stroller. So far my expectations have been met. I can't wait to test this out on an upcoming trip- at that point I will update my review further. For now its a 10lb stroller! Very light. It collapses with 1 hand, EASILY. I can't stress that enough, and it close's so it won't keep opening up on you. To open, just unlatch and pop open, it clicks into place and ready for use. I love the adult cup holder and options it comes with for the child. You can have a cup holder, a snack holder or both.. or a bar- ALL are included. The basket underneath is a very good size for such a small stroller. The footrest is smaller then others but it does it's job just as well as the others. Canary is a decent size, in a way I wish it had another flip out but it may just be perfect - I'll know on our trip as were going to be in a sunny location (Florida). The seat straps are nice, they adjust and its a 5 point harness. The wheels lock or swivel pending your terrain. Breaks are easy to do and lock this baby in place. I also noticed its nicely grounded / made. Most lightweight strollers you tap on the back and they start to tilt. Not this one. You really have to "push" to get it to slightly wanna tilt. It's a big difference. I can't wait to use this in just a few more weeks, for now we will uses it out and about and I will again update in a few weeks.
Amazon Vine Voice! / Verified Purchase!
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Amazing stroller!!! I couldn't be happier with this purchase. The three best features for me: 1) Super lightweight 2) Unbelievably easy to fold (seriously - you pull one strap and it's closed. I've never seen a better folding stroller.) 3) Perfect height (I'm 5'9" and my husband is 6'2", and neither of us has to stoop to push this stroller) My 18-month old son is the current occupant, and it's just perfect for him, although I can easily see him riding in it for the next 2-3 years. The stroller glides along smoothly and turns on a dime. The sun shade is much more expansive than it looks in the photos - fully expanded it can almost cover the whole front, which is great when we're facing the sun on our walks. Also the fabric on the sun shade is very high quality. The basket underneath is much larger than it looks in the pictures. And the colors are super sharp - I went with a gray fabric with the lime green accents, and it looks awesome. This stroller truly puts my old stroller to shame. I just wish these strollers would have been around when my oldest was a baby! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!
Tessa D / Verified Purchase!
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I bought this for a gift and it is the best lightweight stroller I have ever found. It was easily assembled, quick delivery, great return policy and warranty, and an amazing product. I plan to buy another one for my sister. She tried it out and fell in love with the ease of use. It folds up with just one hand and she loved the height, as a lot of light weight strollers are short. Not the case with the ZOE.
Jennifer S / Verified Purchase!
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Love how light it is!
Lex / Verified Purchase!
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We recently received our Zoe stroller and I am so pleased!!! It's truly lightweight, folds with one hand aND I can't wait to take it on our trip to nyx for xmas. After tirelessly researching strollers I am glad we took the plunge with this one. I will update this review after the new year but do far so good
Amazon Customer / Verified Purchase!
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It is perfect for traveling, and going to the grocery store just everything, We love it
Dee / Verified Purchase!
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Light Weight, Wide Seat, Sustaining weight up to 20kg, Full Coverage of Canopy, Colorful Wheel Caps and Harness, All Accessories Inclusive, Easy to Fold & Unfold. All funtions are satisfactory. Smooth Handling similar to YoYo stroller is a bonus!
You Kyung S / Verified Purchase!
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I have 5 month old twins, and this is EXACTLY what I needed. I already have a big wheeled jogger, but that is still huge (tall) when collapsed in my Expedition. That's really for walks and jogs around home. I want something lighter (this is the best!) and much shorter to keep in the vehicle at all times for errands. So many places don't have shopping carts (malls, Drs offices, etc) and I can't wear 1 and carry the other in their bucket car seat. Also, we wanted something to use in the airport when we travel this December...again, PERFECT!. Many other lightweight frame strollers just have rubber/soft plastic as the footrest/ step. Those would break as soon as they started standing; the ZOE has a strong hard plastic step that is strong enough for me to stand on! An amazing WONDERFUL surprise is that the Canopies come down much lower than pictured. LOVE that. Perfect to keep out the sun, but also germs as strangers cough, sneeze, and try to get close when we are out in public. I haven't used it in the rain, but they would really help with keeping them dry, since it comes down both forward and low. Also, the included travel bag/cover is just another way this stroller beats out the competition and looks much nicer than a generic stroller bag. Just beware; the company smartly put their name on it, so you will have lots of parents and grandparents coming up to you saying they've never heard of ZOE strollers and asking lots of questions. LOL
Shelly G / Verified Purchase!
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Living in an urban setting, space is always at a premium. But, who wants to sacrifice quality in the name of saving space? Not me! Well, the Zoe stroller is just what the doctor ordered. This is the trifecta of strollers: 1. Lightweight 2. Pick your color (so many to choose from) 3. Add accessories to suit your needs Think about it. The last thing you want is to lug a big, heavy, unsightly piece of equipment while you are trying to push the baby around AND keep your oldest from getting run over. I wish they had these years ago!
Richard M / Verified Purchase!
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I bought this stroller for my 8 month old twins because I needed a lightweight stroller to put them in since they have outgrown their car seat carriers and I am impressed and over joyed at how amazing this stroller is. It is super light weight, about the same weight as my single umbrella stroller for my daughter, and I can easily get it in and out of the car. It is very easy to steer and the best part is that it fits through doorways and aisles at the stores. The under storage compartment is larger than I have found on other double umbrella strollers in my research and the ease at which you can truly close this stroller is fantastic! It doesn't even take up that much space in my SUV trunk. Plus, it stands upright when I need to take it out. In using this stroller I have found it more durable and easier to steer than the more expensive brands. I was worried about the height of the handle bar but as a 5"2 woman the height is fine. This is truly the most convenient, durable and lightweight double umbrella stroller I have seen out there today and I am super happy with my purchase and that I found this stroller!
Paula P / Verified Purchase!
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Just received this stroller and am looking forward to using it for travel. It is very light. You can open it and close it with one hand. It also folds about the size of a carry-on bag, which is perfect. I look forward to using this with my toddler on a few upcoming flights.
Alison R / Verified Purchase!
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Looking for the perfect double stroller? Stop here. Pros: Super lightweight, easy to push, deep seats (my 3 year old is the size of a 5 year old), simply assembly, large shade canopies, extra accessories! Cons: None so far. I stumbled across this beauty while searching for double strollers for my 3 and 1 year old as we are going out of town this weekend. Originally I purchased the MacLaren Double Umbrella because the date shown on Amazon for the ZOE stroller to ship was 11/30 and I would be out of town by then. The ML stroller arrived and it was so tiny. My son did not look comfy in it at all and the thing is so hard to collapse. I sent a question into ZOE customer service (they were quick to respond), and they mentioned the item could possibly ship on 11/10 because they were arriving to the states early. Decided to order and cross my fingers it would ship on that date and so glad it did!
Yvonne W / Verified Purchase!
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Love the design and light weight! A must have.
Andrew M / Verified Purchase!
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The stroller is great lightweight...easy to maneuver....good for traveling and public transportation i would highly recommend this stroller its great!
Nicole D / Verified Purchase!
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The answer to our stroller dreams! This is by far the most perfect stroller for it's category. A quality double umbrella/lightweight stroller is practically non existent on the market. Big box stores don't carry them in store and amazon has a tiny selection of which we bought and returned 2 due to poor quality, lack of functionality and heavy weights. We received our Zoe 2XL last week and it has exceeded all of our expectations! -A snap to assemble. -Didn't need to read instructions for anything...every function makes sense and is easy to use. -Quality. Feels solid. Fabric is thick and foam is soft. Pushes smoothly. -LIGHT WEIGHT. Hard to believe all this awesomeness is packed into just 16 brilliant lbs. -Value. Can't beat the price. -Attractive. Sleek and modern design. - Well thought out. Attention to Detail. -All accessories included. Every other stroller we have owned we have had to buy the extras. Snack tray. Cup holders. Belly bar. Travel bag. All included in the already impressive price. If I have to think of something negative... Seats could maybe stand to recline a bit more. But that is my best attempt to seriously search for a con.
Andrea G / Verified Purchase!
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We bought this stroller to replace a Jeep side by side double umbrella stroller (new version is Kolcraft Cloud) that fell short of our needs. We received our Zoe double a few days ago and think it is a good car/travel stroller. Comes with a bumper bar but you have to choose between using the bar and the cup/snack holders. I wish the cup holders could connect to the belly bar. Toggle and loop closures to hold back canopies don't quite reach each other but that's not a big deal to me. Foot brake is easy to operate. Materials are a little cheap but construction seems good. I do prefer it to double umbrella strollers on the market, but it isn't suitable for daily use IMO. We have a side by side jogger that we use daily (Thule Urban Glide 2) and also the City Select with a second seat- but this will be easier for trips getting in/out of the car and where we want to conserve trunk space. The handlebar is not adjustable if anyone is wondering. The seat recline is limited but the storage basket underneath is a good size and the canopies have great coverage with a flip-out third panel.
H Hackney / Verified Purchase!
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I had been looking for a lightweight stroller for my newborn and toddler. My new Zoe stroller arrived. Love it. Was really easy to put together out of the box. Just had to pop on the wheels ๐Ÿ™‚ Very light, easy to manoeuvre, love the fact that it comes with a storage bag, 2 drink holders for the kids and a shared what looks like a snack cup in the middle. The only thing I noticed is the adult drink holder clips on the side so it no longer fits through the doorway when attached. So o just threw it in the underbag storage for now until I need it. Like that everything just pops on and off easily. Folding it back down was easy, and love that it stands when you fold it, but a little wobbly! Cons- wish the recline went a little further down, it will be good once baby is about 6 months old, for now I will keep her in my britax b-agile which had a full recline, not a deal breaker for me. So thumbs up Zoe, it was worth the wait. I'll have to wait to update my review on how it lasts the abuse of lots of airline travel which we do ๐Ÿ™‚
Nina G / Verified Purchase!
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I love my ZOE DESIGNER! I have twins and it's so easy to get in and out of my car! I love all the color options I'm able to choose from every day with the extra caps and straps! The combinations are endless!
Megan / Mother of Four (Including Twins)!
These strollers really stand out next to the tired, redundant, and monochromatic strollers out now! Finally... options!! I'm loving how lightweight they are, while still providing all the functionality I need and style I want!
Mandy / Mother of Two!
I LOVE my ZOE stroller! It's lightweight and so easy to get in and out of our car. It's very versatile with all of the color combinations to choose from!
Kathy / Grandmother of Nine!
I loved the ability to customize the ZOE stroller. Being able to make the stroller truly your own is something I havenโ€™t seen with other strollers. I also enjoyed how easy it was to fold!
Robbie / Father of One!
I think what impresses me the most is not only how light the stroller is but how easy it was to fold and unfold..the basket's nice and roomy too! It's just so convenient and easy, which I think moms on the go (all moms) can appreciate!
Diane / Grandmother of Seven!

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