About ZOE!

ZOE is a small, family-owned company. We’re not your typical stroller company that’s owned by some huge conglomerate! We have seven employees/owners: Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and 4 kiddos (two twins)!

We started our company in November 2015. Dad and Grandpa have worked in the juvenile products industry for 60 years combined as Presidents of well-known brands and consultants. Mom has always had a serious stroller addiction and is a trained fashion merchandiser! Dad, Grandpa, and Mom decided to make strollers that fit our needs as on-the-go parents. We all love super high-end products that are stylish, extremely lightweight and easy to use, but we know that most people cannot afford a $900 stroller plus the $200 extra for things like a cup holder and belly bar. We think that all the normal bells and whistles should be included and we knew how to design expensive strollers without the crazy price tag.

By selling exclusively to you, the consumer, we are able avoid the markup that would be required if our products were in big box stores. This means you get super nice, high-end, durable products for a much more affordable price!

ZOE was a big test for us! Will people love our products? Are there other parents out there like us with our same needs and tastes? Are parents ok buying directly online if we offer cool policies like lifetime warranties on the wheels and $10 return shipping if you only test your stroller inside?

We are so blessed to say, YES!! The market has spoken and our little family-owned company has exploded. We sold our entire first container of strollers within just a few weeks and we’ve quite frankly been unable to make enough, fast enough, since! Every time we take a chance and make even more strollers, faster, you guys buy even more than we decided to make and faster than we expected! We now have tens of thousands of loyal, happy, dedicated ZOE customers!

Thank you so much for your continued support as our little family-owned ZOE continues to grow and grow, completely driven by you! We are so thankful for each and every order!