Your Guide to the Best Double Strollers of 2018!

Two times per year the entire landscape for strollers change. And the baby industry they’re typically to product release cycles, one in the spring and one in the fall. More often than not in the fall, most big stroller brands release minor updates on their current product line and also announce upcoming new product releases for the spring of the following year.

So this past fall in 2017, we were able to get a sneak peak of the upcoming new double strollers that would be released and 2018. We were able to analyze all of the new specs and features to determine which double strollers we thought would be best and 2018 I Ahead of time, but now that they are actually starting to get released in the spring of 2018, we are starting to get hands-on experience to see if all of the hype lives up to the actual Products and the way they function in person.

So here’s our definitive guide of how to choose the best double stroller in 2018 based on the current product landscape in the features And specs available on all of these double strollers period

The first thing you want to look for when choosing the best twin stroller for your family is the handle bar height. Are you tall and your significant other is short? Maybe it’s the opposite! Or maybe you guys are both tall, short, or average height. These details matter and should influence your decision on which double stroller to purchase. Some strollers calm with adjustable handlebars, but many double jogging strollers and lightweight double strollers do not. Typically strollers with an adjustable handlebar are more expensive and heavier, but aren’t necessarily needed. When looking at the handlebar height, you’re also want to look at the amount of kickspace between the rear axle and the leading edge of the handlebar on the stroller. Besides the actual comfort of the handlebar height on the stroller, you want to be able to walk without kicking the rear axle.

In general, you probably want to make a choice of which type of double stroller would be best for you. Is it a jogging stroller, light weight stroller, full-size stroller, side-by-side double stroller, tandem double stroller, or a single stroller that optionally becomes a double stroller by utilizing a second seat that attaches to this roller itself period

Another big thing to check out is the actual weight of the stroller. Most double strollers way between 25 and 40 pounds. There are super cheap umbrella double strollers back in way as little as 15 pounds and then there are the beast double strollers, mostly jogging and all-terrain buggies, back and weigh as much as 60 pounds. Zoe double stroller is probably one of The only exceptions because it weighs just 16 pounds yet has all of the luxury and high-end features of other twins strollers that way close to 25 or 30 pounds. So will you be lugging this double stroller around and putting it in and out of your car? Will you be traveling with the stroller the Airports? If so, you also should know that most airlines now have a rule that no items weighing over 20 pounds, including baby items such as strollers, I can be checked at the gate. So this eliminates most double strollers like Baby Jogger, Joovy, Chicco, UppaBaby, and Bugaboo in most cases.

You’ll also want to look at wheel size and wheel type. Do you need air filled tires to go over rough terrain or just tiny plastic or composite tires to walk on sidewalks and through the airport? Sometimes you pay way too much money to get a luxury stroller with the air filled or never flat tires or even fun filled tires and you really don’t need them, or maybe you do!

You also want to look at basket size, canopy size, recline depth, incline angles in the seats, whether or not the seats are independent of one another and if the canopies are also independent of one another. Suspension is also another feature that you may want to look into.

So there are lots of double strollers that would make the list and 2018 if we were to rank them number one through 10 or do some other ranking factors. We are going to leave that research up to you guys and just focus on informing you of the features and specs that we feel are most important that you should consider for you and your family when trying to find and search for the best double stroller that is most fitting in suitable to your current lifestyle and circumstances as there is no solution for everyone. As you probably know, most families owned at least two or three different strollers to be used at different times.